Teeth Whitening in Branchburg NJ

Teeth bleaching in Branchburg NJ

Teeth whitening in Branchburg NJ
Teeth whitening in Branchburg NJ

Sure, you can use strips to try to convert your teeth from yellowed and discolored back to being pearly white, but these over-the-counter remedies aren’t designed to accommodate all kinds of mouth and dental structures. Therefore, results vary. While one patient can claim to receive amazing results, the next person might find the strips overwhelming. For guaranteed teeth whitening in Branchburg NJ, don’t hesitate to visit Branchburg Dentistry.

Besides whitening strips not fitting well with varying dental structures, they’re also simply not as strong as stand, professional-strength whitening procedures. The whitening agent in these strips only has around 3% peroxide. Although this might prove sufficient for teeth with light stains, it’s far from enough for anyone suffering from intrinsic or severe stains. At most, these over-the-counter products can only boost brightness by up to two shades. On the other hand, whitening gel (at the dentist’s office), uses up to 35% peroxide. Enough punch to jab through enamel and knock out even the most stubborn stains. Not only that, you can get your teeth back to pearly white status in no time. Professional whitening results kick in almost instantly, while over-the-counter whitening strips need to be used several times over the court of weeks or months before you can really tell the difference. So don’t wait any longer to get your smile back to the way you want it. Swing a visit to Branchburg Dentistry and treat yourself to teeth whitening in Branchburg NJ.

After you’re done, get ready to be the talk of the town. No matter where you go (meetings, hangouts with friends, a romantic dinner, etc.) you’ll dazzle everyone with that new beaming smile. Never again hide your joy out of self-consciousness about discolored teeth. All you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with our staff at Branchburg Dentistry to be well on your way to teeth whitening in Branchburg, NJ.

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