Teeth Whitening Treatment in Branchburg NJ

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Teeth whitening treatment in Branchburg NJ
Teeth whitening treatment in Branchburg NJ

At Branchburg Dentistry, our dental office provides patients with teeth whitening and dental bleaching in a safe and friendly manner. Our teeth whitening treatment in Branchburg NJ is safe and effective. Over time, substances like wine, coffee, and nicotine can discolor teeth and cause them to become yellow or brown. Certain medications can also cause discoloration. With our state of the art bleaching system, it’s easy to whiten teeth either in our offices or with a take home tray.

For your first teeth whitening treatment in Branchburg NJ, we’ll first prepare your lips and gums with a special covering so that only the teeth are left exposed, allowing us to safely bleach your teeth without irritation. We apply the whitening gel so that stains are broken down. The entire procedure takes less than an hour, and patients are in and out of the office within 15 minutes or so. Bleaching can take just a few treatments to achieve. Total treatment time can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the amount of teeth bleaching needed. The entire process is quick and easy, and patients are very happy with their results once they’re done.

If you choose to take our teeth whitening treatment in Branchburg NJ home instead, we’ll create an individualized, custom made tray tailor made to your teeth to ensure that the proper amount of bleach is applied to your teeth. Depending on brushing and oral hygiene habits, your teeth whitening may last for at least a year or more. Patients should follow proper oral health habits and keep teeth clean to minimize staining that will happen from substances. Flossing, brushing daily, and having annual teeth cleanings at our dentist’s office will help keep teeth clean and white, and prevent tartar from building up on teeth and causing a film over them.

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